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The arrival of information and communication technologies (ICT) into organisations in general and to universities in particular has produced a radical change in the way they do their work. Today, the university faces a scenario full of new and increasing demands, which implies their ICT units’ strategy is permanently adapted in order to help the organisation meet its strategic objectives.

Within this context, it is extremely important to exchange experiences about aspects that today represent first-order concerns when planning ICT management, the development and implementation of services, with effectiveness and quality standards, and decision-making regarding the incorporation of emerging technologies, among others.

With the aim of contributing to these issues, the Network of Information and Communication Technologies Directors from Latin American Universities (TICAL), with the support of RedCLARA, held the first regional conference, TICAL 2011, in Panama city on 20 and 21 June 2011.

This web site reports on that activity.

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Bill St. Arnaud

Consultant in green ICT; responsible for the implementation of Canarie’s optical network, CA*net4, in Canada.

Víctor Castelo

Expert in research networks at the Informatics Associate General Secretariat of the CSIC, Madrid (Spain).

Juan Sánchez

Vice-President for Research, University of Texas, Austin, USA.


Check out the presentations given at TICAL2011 here!

Programme Committee

José Gregorio Silva: PhD in Instrumentation Science, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela.

Antonio Castro Lechtaler: Tenured lecturer, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jussara Issa Musse: Director of the Data Processing Centre, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Ida Holz: RAU Executive Director, Uruguay.

Carlos Correa Loyola: Associate to the Chancellery, Private Technical University of Loja, Ecuador.

Iván Armuelles: Professor – Researcher of the School of Informatics, Electronics and Communication at the University of Panama, Panama.

Javier Díaz: Dean of the School of Informatics, National University of La Plata, Argentina.

Organising Committee

President: Carlos García Garino, ITIC Director, School of Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina.

Armando Jipsión: Director of Information and Communication Technologies, Technological University of Panama, Panama.

Máximo Escobar: National University of Panama, Panama.

Carmen Gloria Labbé, Director of Innovation and Development RedCLARA, Chile.


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